About Us

The Hot Priced Gift Shop was established in 2006. We have tried to maintain a well balanced shopping site for the public. Our goal on opening day was to try to accommodate to the everyday shopper by keeping our prices low and our quality high. We still strive to keep this theory active today.

We are a small outfit who only provides online shopping. Many of our products are shipped directly to you. This is one of the things that allows us to keep our prices low. With less overhead on our end, we are able to pass the savings down to our customers.

The Hot Priced Gift Shop cherishes our customers. Without our customers, our store would seize to exist. That said, we do everything we can to serve our customers in the same manor we would like to be served. We thank you for your patronage and hope to see everyone time and time again as we build our relationship with you, our valued customer.

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